Machanical and Electrical


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     CHILLER is the cooling equipment using water as medium to exchange heat with the air. It can be either air-cooled or cooling-tower type. Skill Development only uses Carrier, Trane, or York which is of high quality standard and high price. The complete assembly will take around 2-3 months. Suitable for the Cleanroom with size 300-400 square meters or larger, or Cleanroom with extension plan in the future.
     Control and Monitoring system plays a very important role in the Cleanroom system at every Class level. It controls temperature, humidity, internal air pressure, and most importantly amount of dust particles to be within the specified levels of such Class.

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     CLEANROOM need illumination atleast 500 – 700 LUX. The pattern of the lamp need special designs, to prevent the interrupting to air flowing system, leak in air flowing system, and easy to change and maintain.


     Our design concentrales an pracitical use, calcuation of the customer's business cost selection of material and component arrangment. Therefore, our cleanroom is not only clean but also reflects the operations and the business conditions of our customers


     Developing manufacturing and installation of toos and equipment clearnoom system based on engineering principles, we emphasize on design accuacy. Maximun safety and on-time work submission


     In order to maintain the efficiency of cleanroom system as well as maximizing its life cycle, periodical maintenance is important. Our maintenance service convers inspection. problem analysis repair and replacement of domaged equipment